A Sustainable Path to Air Pollutants Detection: Developing a Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor

CHALLENGEThe variants of air pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, carbon monoxide etc.) have been detected in specific areas of major cities worldwide. The price of the air quality monitors has been a significant hindrance to accomplishing the pillars of sustainability and widespread detection across cities and suburbs. As a result, all entries in this challenge should […]

Dr Ejohwomu is a co-investigator on an ongoing TAPAS Funded Project

Aim: Over one-year, with two intensive ‘deep-dive’ phases, we aim to implement and monitor one pilot ‘dynamic classroom’, in a pre-existing primary school classroom. The goal of the dynamic classroom is to reduce the indoor air pollution exposure of school pupils and staff during the school day, and subsequently improve the learning environment. Meet the […]

SQUARE Project Wins University of Manchester Covid Recovery Fund

Title: Occupational Exposure – A pilot study for construction projects Air pollution from construction activities contribute to more than 500,000 annual deaths. PM2.5 is given off during construction activities, and it is harmful to humans and the environment. Unlike most workplaces, personnel on construction projects’ sites are exposed to dynamic environments with varying degree of […]