Overall Purpose of the Learning Through Research Internships The SEI internship programme has a number of strands, including the Learning Through Research internships. These internships aim to improve the employability of our students through access to internships and work experience, giving them the opportunity to experience what life as a researcher or an academic would be like.

The Development Programme During the work experience/internship there will be weekly workshops aimed at developing students’ employability skills. The schedule will be provided nearer to the time of the internships starting in June/July 2021.ß


The Internship – Key Facts

  • The internships are to take place during the summer of 2021, for a maximum period of six weeks.
  • It is essential that students are provided with adequate support and supervision during that time.
  • Where possible, internship proposals should have the contingency to be delivered/adapted to be delivered remotely if campus access is limited during Summer 2021.
  • Interns will apply and be chosen for each internship through a fair recruitment process supported by the Careers Service.
  • Only current, non-final year Undergraduate students are eligible to undertake an internship.
  • Students will be engaged as casual staff by the University at the Living Wage rate*.
  • The internship should last a maximum of six weeks, funding only being available for this period.


Obuks Ejohwomu - 2021 Learning Through Research Internship Proposal v2.0

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